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Keeping a building watertight is critical to the preservation of any structure. Water is, after all, the single most damaging element to a building or structure.

In many cases, homeowners/facility managers are faced with water problems that plague a structure from initial construction. As time goes on, these problems become even more severe.

Water first damages a building cosmetically, then structurally. And by the time water damage is visible on the interior of building, it is likely that some irreversible damage has been caused to the exterior. Once irreversible damage to the building exterior has occurred, costly retrofit/reinstallation work is required. Which is why keeping the building watertight is so important. Over time, the only way to prevent water from entering a structure is through a regularly scheduled maintenance program by skilled professionals.

We provide comprehensive waterproofing services for new as well as existing buildings.

 From the perspective of home buyers, real estate agents and appraisers, weatherproofing and waterproofing your  property is essential towards ensuring a functional, safe and structurally sound home. After all, without the correct waterproofing for your garages, decks and foundation area, a home’s value could significantly decrease – especially when there’s damage or unsightly wear.

Whether you’ve got an old property or a new one, waterproofing is one of the most important ways you can make sure that your home will last you a lifetime.

Professional waterproofing and weatherproofing services also provide related services and customizable personal care specifically developed for your property and your needs. So no matter what the size of your property or your water damage problem, waterproofing services have a way to ensure you can have the safe and effective protection you need. Call W.P. Young, Inc. for roof waterproofing, water damage repair, specialty sealants, caulks, coatings, and weatherproofing for decks, sunrooms and outbuildings.

With the latest waterproofing materials and application methods, waterproofing can help you enjoy every inch of your property – for years and years to come.


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